This is my American dream…

Image I mean think about it. Wake up with the sun, crawl into your custom breakfast nook to enjoy the kiss of sunrise. Think to yourself.. What do I want to do today. Get rid of the have to. We don’t have to grind away at a corporation setting to have things, nice things. We just have to change our perception.

Remember in school, where they ask you to take out a sheet of paper and write where you want to be in five years.. ten years.. Every year it changed, so why was it so important to push specific goals? For me to realize later, I failed them all in some way or another. I remember my 8th grade ten year was to be married to Buck Cargile, well that didn’t happen. Neither did I become a veterinarian, nurse, astronaut and I’m pretty sure the first female President floated around through elementary school. What’s the point? What if our teachers didn’t ask for specific goals, just directions. Maybe write out our favorite hobbies over a few years span, collect them and let us explore the options that have appealed to us best.

I think its more important to lean towards behavior rather than strict goals. If focus is put towards good behavior and open direction, we could have several places we could end up and that would be perfectly fine. I want to look more into ‘unschooling’. When we get our place, I would like to unschool Sydni. Let Nature be her guide. Giving her questions and answers at the same time. I picture us going through out our day making observations and talking about it. Going to the library to look further into things we had questions about. Just this time together, outside of four walls, will be beneficial to us both. Working in the garden together, talking about the principles of things without it seeming like a drill, working out the details of the house. Letting her see that we built our house, we own it, not the bank. We are free to do as we please with our time due to the simple way we live and that is true riches.


Early wakeups..

I know people who never seem to have enough time in their day. Oh, how they could get this project done or spend more time with kids instead of handling daily chores when you come home. What if you could wake up a little earlier. Start small and before you know it you have an hour to yourself in the silence of the early morning. I personally feel one needs to ground themselves first thing of the day, so no matter what comes along, they are able to find and hold their center because they were just there that morning. Practice clearing your mind, listen to the house noises, this is your stolen time.. Find a spot in your mind where you can just sit, no conversations to keep up..
After go through some events from yesterday. You can picture them clearer, think about them now. Think about yesterday’s events, embrace the proud moments.. what was about that moment that made your heart swell. Can we do it again today? Think, was there a point you got angry frustrated? What action do you think bothers you the most? Is there anything you can do better next time?
I’ve started a journal. It was for blogs while away from home, but has turned into a powerful tool. I go to those pages and spill my beans. The sometimes edited version hits here. But it helps so much. Even if I don’t have anything to say and draw peace signs in the roots of cypress trees. (My favorite picture in my mind)
So find that hour or even 30 minutes that’s just yours, listen to your breaths, really try to clear your mind even of the best intentions and find yourself.