Dear Prudence.. Open up your eyes

ImageThis weekend I had the opportunity to go to the mountains to camp with some friends. So grateful for a few days of crisp mountain air, I was hoping for some clarity on some things rolling around in my head. All these new changes has put stress on my house and everyone in it. We know we are all doing the right thing and that it will get easier, but sometimes… it gets a little tense. Change is scary sometimes even for the right reasons. I wanted to get out of my own head for a day or two and see if I couldn’t gain a better perception, a simpler grip if you will. You can go through all the motions of anything and get it done, but if you don’t know why, you’ll never do it for the right reasons.

Example.. I can sell or give away all but the basics of my possessions to live a minimalist lifestyle. I know that’s what you do to get there, right? But if I deep down don’t want or understand a simple lifestyle, I’ll never be happy with what I have. The feeling of not having what I want or what I think I need to be happy will remain until I absorb the mindset of the minimalist. There’s the process itself and then there is the understanding.

I feel I really got some of the clarity I needed. Things became clearer than they have ever been to me. It’s all about being simple. I realized the answer is simple and beautiful. Doing for others because you want to, not because of a possible return. You have to get things right within yourself. Be peaceful and grateful and simple on the inside and your light will shine through. Wow, I’m in the middle of this epiphany that all I need is really inside me. If I’m good all the way through, I can handle anything that comes my way. To find that peace deep inside, you could be happy in a rainstorm. This is my life. No more getting angry or upset.  What does that do? Nothing and I realized how selfish that was. I control  my thoughts and actions.Helping other people, helping the environment around me.. These things in a constant will help me realize more the happiness that can come from within if I allow it.. No, not just allow it, but make more effort to repeat kind acts that bring happiness. I know this part is the understanding