Commute to the dentist!

Commute to the dentist!

Sydni and I enjoyed a quick ride to our dentist appointment today.What a great feeling! Everyone at the office kept telling us how cool it was we rode our bikes. You couldn’t wipe smile off Sydni’s face. Classic. Advertisements

Back in the swing with a new goal in mind..


So, today is Sydni’s third day back in school. We are starting to get our school time routine down and I’m wondering what changes I can start making now that will prep her for the lifestyle we want. Making use of all the passive solar we have in our current house, it makes us conscience of the electricity we use for lighting. We try to keep the lights off and use windows bathed in natural light. It looks better, easier on the eyes and ta-da free! It’s the night time shift that will give us the most trouble. We already cut the cable about a year ago, but we keep netflix. The children also have t.v.s in both of their rooms. Sydni watches movies at night before bed. The boys play their XBOX whenever they’re awake it seems. Michael justifies this by saying things like.. they don’t have an XBOX at their moms, they only have a Wii or Cody is not bothering anyone, he just wants to play by himself since Jake isn’t in here or vice versa.

If we have a limited supply of electricity, these kids are in for a major shock. The boys, it will be like going to summer camp on the weekends because it seems the further we lean in a self sufficiency mode, the other guardians of his boys lean towards convenience. But for Sydni, it will be life. We have already started leaning more on the natural day. Getting up earlier, going to bed earlier to take advantage of light provided. Gotta set t.v. ‘on’ and ‘off’ times. I’m going to start reading with Sydni at night, starting around 7:30. She normally reads to herself as part of her homework, but if I can read with her, we can increase the reading time, have a little fun, spend more time together and possibly get her in bed a little earlier.

Wow, it’s not just the kids who need to work on this!