Weekend with my family, karaoke style :)


So this weekend was my aunt’s 60th birthday party in Milledgeville, Ga which is just over halfway to my moms. Sydni(who is in the blond wig, stealing the show) and I jumped on the chance to get to see them before Thanksgiving, I have been missing them a lot lately!!

The road trip was great. Syd had her stuff set up in the back, we had packed a lunch and set out at around 9 Saturday morning. We printed out our directions (which got us lost!! that’s another story!) the night before and felt really good about the trip. It was a karaoke party so we sang all the way there. I love to drive. Road trips help me clear my mind and I’ve got a lot rolling around up there these days so I looked forward it for days.

I thought about where I really wanted to go to build for awhile.. My mother and her husband sit on 10 acres, most of it woods, right on the Georgia/Florida line. As much as I have been thinking about my family.. Well it got me thinking, my mom is sitting on the perfect site. Would the husband agree to work out a deal with me on even 1/4 an acre…? Man, to be back near my family, red Georgia clay, a piece of land I might could share or work off.. This probably took up a good two and a half hours.. I’ve never thought of really going home before until recently. It wasn’t that I had forgotten about that land, just never thought about it. I could build at the back of the property to where they wouldn’t know we were there. There is a road that goes down along the property so there is even a different access point. I decided to put the bug in mom’s ear. Who knows? Her husband may say no to my cob house idea on their property..

It’s just.. I love my family. We have always been really tight and when I moved Sydni and I to North Carolina last year, I felt like there a hole that would never fill up. I thought it would get better over time, but as we gradually get to a more simple lifestyle I realize how much further away I really am from them. I mean I drive a bike now for the most part and gas is so high. I just feel like the tear will become permanent with a homestead and do I want to be that far away??

Plus all that free labor 🙂 My little brother would love to help us build with cob. I think it would even help him reconnect with himself. I thought about cobbing in general.. Mushing the cob, making loaves, packing them on and smoothing out the clay with wet hands filled with the life of this earth. My spirit is longing to start. When we go down for Thanksgiving I will talk to Jay and hopefully look at the land!! I really could have my place there. It can happen 😀


I’m usually not the aggresive type…

Image I’m a carpe diem kinda girl, so when the neighbor approached us about the front of the neighborhood, he mentioned a tree he wanted down. More than half dead, Leland cypress, that was half eyesore/half serious traffic blocker. We do not own a chainsaw and after I finished with the flower beds, I rode my bike to where Michael had started on the tree with a hand saw, removing some of the lower branches..

PMS fueled, I see a hatchet he has brought with him. I guess he sees I need to whack at this tree for a bit and doesn’t say a word.. Smart man. So I started wailing on this torched looking tree on the side of the road on Saturday morning. I could feel the eyes of passersby, probably thinking what an idiot! It didn’t stop me one bit. Wood chips a flying, sweat running down my face and you know what?? To quote one of my favorite bands..”In my mind, I was a child and it felt good.”

Then I got a blister. Gamechanger.

All in all it was still great, the tree was down, the beds are prepped, we have $100 in our pocket and that’s just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.. I know these people will like what I can do plant wise with those two beds. I wasn’t raised with a southern mama with a backyard full of plants for them not to 😉 As we move to find more sources of small income and cut down on what we have to pay out.. hey, we might just be all right. We started cutting our next-door neighbors grass every 2 weeks for 40 bucks a pop. A yard sale last Saturday fetched us $100 as well(not to mention helped our purge). A trip to the metal recycling brought us 50 dollars richer.

We talked about going ahead and putting our house on the market. Talked about where we want to go next if and when we get a buyer. I hope to find a young couple who feels the same way we do about urban farming. Someone who will love all the berry patches and native plants. Someone who will run their hands through the soil we brought back to life and thank us. Ha, he tells me to keep dreaming. The next big thing to get out from under is this house. It will also give us no choice on moving forward with our plans. We already have two place we could build for free. With the house on the market and the possibility of it being sold will put us on our toes. Help us along in deciding where we really want to go.. Try for one of the places offered or go on a whole new adventure.

I’m going to start checking building codes and weather patterns for here in NC and Mississippi, we definitely want to go with cob, cob/hybrid and it seems a little tougher the further south you go. Wow.. I’m really excited. Chopping down (Michael finished, not me) a tree with our hands led to us to stating the project of putting our house on the market!! Wish us luck.. I’m ready to start really living 😉

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”


I just bought my first two books dedicated to cob housing. “The Cob Builders Handbook: You Can Hand-Sculpt Your Own Home”
Bee, Becky and “The Hand-Sculpted House: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage: The Real Goods Solar Living Book”
Ianto Evans

These will be my first two complete cob books. You know there was nothing in Barnes and Noble on natural materials building. Maybe a few exerts in other homesteading books, but no real guide. So that’s definitely step one for me in building my own earthen home 🙂 We have made a list of desired/undesired  qualities that we want in a piece of land and stopped there.

Now it’s time to nest egg.. With the car gone now, that frees $440 a month not including gas. I buy more foods in bulk and find more recipes to cook fresh produce from the garden. For first time gardeners, I think we did pretty good this year. Moving summer plants out now, getting ready for Fall crops. We’re planting our first succession of Brussel Spouts and carrots. Cowpeas have been started about three weeks now. We had a worm in our first cantaloupe. Gotta get better with my companion planting, so nature can take care of her self! No chemicals!!

We have got to grow a lot of different varieties of things which was very cool! We have white sweet potatoes covering a whole row. They are massive!! They will come up at the end of next month, to be replaced with a row of garlic.. I find more peace digging through that dirt, planting, replanting, whatever. I read that a scientific study done many years ago proved working in the dirt release chemicals to make you happier, peaceful. Our brains were wired to have dirt run through our fingers. How many dirty little kids have you seen not smiling 🙂

So our door is slowly cracking open for us to step out into a sustainable lifestyle..