New year.. New projects.. New goals..

ImagePumped up for the new year!! Michael started a project on a mini wood stove. I’ve been pouring over seed catalogs, brushing up on crop rotation. Last year was all about growing, this year we actually are incorporating a little more method behind the madness 🙂 I want to focus more on preserving this year. My mom got us a dehydrator for Christmas! Score. And I’m picking up a canning set soon with the Ball book to start reading through it. I canned tomatoes in a class last year so we’ll see how it goes..

Image We have a shed outside that is roughly 100 square feet. With the tiny home movement in our future, we decided to turn the shed into a model tiny home for us to see what it’s like. Now mind you, we don’t plan for 100 sq. ft. but it’s going to be fun to see what we can do with our shed.

Michael scored an 50 cal ammo box to project a mini wood stove we have seen on a couple YouTube videos. We had some old pavers left over to use for the corner for both protection and to help absorb and hold some of the heat. Using a Sharpie, ruler and his dremel, he cut out a door. He went and got piping. We want to make it chimney out the side if possible instead of the roof. Right now we are burning in it outside to burn off any zinc.


More up to dates next week. Hope everybody had a great Christmas and Happy New Years!!


In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”


I just bought my first two books dedicated to cob housing. “The Cob Builders Handbook: You Can Hand-Sculpt Your Own Home”
Bee, Becky and “The Hand-Sculpted House: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage: The Real Goods Solar Living Book”
Ianto Evans

These will be my first two complete cob books. You know there was nothing in Barnes and Noble on natural materials building. Maybe a few exerts in other homesteading books, but no real guide. So that’s definitely step one for me in building my own earthen home 🙂 We have made a list of desired/undesired  qualities that we want in a piece of land and stopped there.

Now it’s time to nest egg.. With the car gone now, that frees $440 a month not including gas. I buy more foods in bulk and find more recipes to cook fresh produce from the garden. For first time gardeners, I think we did pretty good this year. Moving summer plants out now, getting ready for Fall crops. We’re planting our first succession of Brussel Spouts and carrots. Cowpeas have been started about three weeks now. We had a worm in our first cantaloupe. Gotta get better with my companion planting, so nature can take care of her self! No chemicals!!

We have got to grow a lot of different varieties of things which was very cool! We have white sweet potatoes covering a whole row. They are massive!! They will come up at the end of next month, to be replaced with a row of garlic.. I find more peace digging through that dirt, planting, replanting, whatever. I read that a scientific study done many years ago proved working in the dirt release chemicals to make you happier, peaceful. Our brains were wired to have dirt run through our fingers. How many dirty little kids have you seen not smiling 🙂

So our door is slowly cracking open for us to step out into a sustainable lifestyle..