So.. Just trying to figure it all out :)

ImageSo, wow is right.. We are going to have to start over in so many aspects when we move. It’s so scary to let go of what you already have to even embrace the possibility of a better future. The future we want is less dependance on anything store bought. And that ranges from food to clothing to gas. We started that here and now we’ll start again.

I’m losing the chickens today. Yes I’ve cried more than you can imagine over three birds. I put their whole package on Craigslist for $100 and it sold in 30 minutes. He’ll be here today. A small family with two growing children. I’m glad people are starting to realize the importance of growing it yourself. You know what goes in that chicken, the eggs are walked in your back door, fresh as they can be. Who wouldn’t want that?! And to have it all packaged up to boot! We’ll have to check ordinances once we get settled in, build a better coop and start again. Keep moving forward!! (saw it on a movie)

ImageWe found Budget to be the cheapest rental. They have a 20% off until the 28th and we’ll save around 75-100 bucks going during the week instead of weekend. So the last week of February will be our last week in Indian Trail. My stomach is doing somersaults right now!

I have already emailed Michael’s resume to my mom to hopefully work her magic!! She knows someone at the Honda dealership there in Valdosta and took Michael’s resume up there. Everyone seemed really excited about his certifications in general not just the ones with Honda. They asked all about the move, when we would be there and if he would be able to start work the following Monday. THIS COULD BE A GREAT THING!! So please everyone keep your fingers crossed. He is so worried about finding a good job in a smaller city and it working for all of us. I’ve also decided to seek employment. The house sits pretty central in Lake Park so commuting on the SS is going to be sweet. I really hope I can find something close enough and be able to work things out to be home for Syddo! Because that is really what this is all about for me in the long run. Raising her to have a different awareness on the world and I have to be there to do that 😉

ImageSo I’m really scared, nervous, excited, etc., etc. Everything is moving so fast. I think we are going to try for the yard sale this weekend. Go ahead and get that stuff gone and purge again. We plan on taking the basics, we just all have different definitions on what exactly the basics are!

Headed back down South.. :)

ImageSo, BIG BIG news folks!! We are moving to Georgia in four weeks!! My family owns a house on a small lake in Lake Park, GA. It’s about five miles from the FLA line in Lowndes county. We are so excited about this opportunity! You know around Thanksgiving, we were wanting to get back closer to some family and I seem to have the biggest lot in one place 🙂

The lake house was built by my great-uncle around ’74, I believe. He had moved there to become Principal of Lake Park Elementary. He and my great-aunt have been gone many years now. Their three children inherited the home until my mother bought it.. eh.. 15 years ago?? (don’t hold me to that date ;)) What! I remember working on it on my 13th birthday, so.. that means15 years, hey I was right! Mom gutted some of the house, knocked down partial walls and voila!

She just celebrated her second wedding anniversary with her husband who she now lives with on a beautiful spread of ten acres. She has rented out the house(it is still being paid for because of refinancing) and the tenants moved out last month. So!!! We are going. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 office/laundry room (which was my room as a teen! but when I left, mom knocked down another wall and extended her closet halfway into that bedroom and put the washer and dryer and computer desk in there :/) All brick exterior, fireplace inside, four 75 year old (at least) oak trees that had been there before the house was built. My uncle planted four dogwood trees when the house was built but only one remains living. They died from the inside out just like the Sunday school story.

So how does this help our self sufficient journey you ask?? One major factor here is community (my family and friends of 28 years) We don’t really have and never will have the network we will down there. My two parents alone know 75% of Valdosta, GA. Michael has taken a big decrease in pay and it is really affecting us here. Commuting with my bike will be awesome around the Lakes and community there. The exercise on bike alone will be phenomenal! I’m actually REALLY excited about that! But.. I will not have the garden plot I had here. And everything we have planted in ground, we lose. We are still trying to find out about the chickens. They will be in a dog kennel in the back of the Fit if I can help it 🙂 We’ve planted 5 beautiful trees, 3 tea olives, 3 rosemary bushes, 2 blueberry bushes, 2 jasmine, 1 huge Triplecrown blackberry bush, 1 each mint, spearmint, and apple mint. I can only hope the family who moves in here next sees these as a blessing. Will appreciate the life we tried so hard at putting back into the soil.

We will definitely have to change some garden practices for the new house. Start making a new homestead 🙂 The back yard is mostly shaded by the oaks. The front yard is your conventional turf yard. I can’t wait to get back down there to look at the grounds with a grower’s eye. I know container gardening is going to be huge for us. Can’t wait to keep you guys posted on everything. Wish us good luck, I feel this move is for a right reason and we are embracing it wholeheartedly.

We have started the pre-packing purge for a yard/moving sale and it feels GREAT! Until next post 😉

3 habits I changed this year…

ImageWhat makes a habit? How long until the habit is formed? Can you break it or do you just develop a new habit opposite the first? Even though at the time, I didn’t think of myself ‘changing bad habits!’ I just knew there weren’t a couple of things going for me in the new direction of life I’m going.So I’m writing about three things I changed about myself that I didn’t like. I gave myself over a year and I am proud to say I have three new habits 😀

  1. Cigarettes. Gross, I know it. Because I saw myself as a social smoker, I didn’t see it as a ‘habit’, even though it is considered one of the worst ones. But I still would fire one up if I saw someone else smoking, like it reminded me that I too, smoked. I smoked out of boredom and like the song, I smoked when I drank.. None of the things happen often(except Michael smoking, yes I’m pointing fingers here ;)), so when money started getting tight natural not smoking was the easier choice. It got to be where I didn’t enjoy them at all, it was the middle of last summer, and it was to the point I wanted to save that 5 dollars.. I damn sure didn’t want it to go to the tobacco tycoons and govt tax. So,  I quit. I wasn’t going to waste any more of my money here. I now have the habit of not smoking.
  2. Remember the Sesame Street commercial about saving water. The kid was brushing his teeth with the water running and then it shows the fish or whale outside with a declining water level as the kid continues. The fish finally calls the boy and asks him to shut the water off. Horrible, wasn’t it. Unfortunately, I was that kid until last year. Sometimes I would even mentally argue with myself that I should be turning the water off while I brush (I watched sesame Street), then justify by thinking, well I’m almost done.. Well now I’m doing my part and turning the water off while I brush. New habit #2, oh yeah.
  3. Now this is about to get on a personal level.. Have you ever smelled the stuff on your dental floss after you flossed? I’m being for real, especially if you’re not a regular flosser? If you haven’t, go floss your teeth right now and smell it.. It should smell like rotting food that’s been stuck between there. You tell me it doesn’t you’re lying. I wasn’t a big flosser growing up. The day i went to the dentist, where they would always chastise me for not flossing, giving me the whole an ounce of prevention spill, yada yada ya. See ya in 6 months.. In my early twenties I tried to floss more, which equaled like one a moth, maybe twice. How are you going to tell your kid to floss everyday when you don’t..?My epiphany moment was the first time I smelled the floss. Seriously, I think it was one of those flosser/pick things..on my way to the dentist. After that, along with the number of cavities I could have prevented just by flossing my teeth, I’m the proudest to say I now floss my teeth every day.

All of these new habits go with my new lifestyle. They are small things, but they will show great results in the end. They already have. I don’t even like to be around cigarette smoke anymore. It’s second nature now to turn that knob off after I wet my toothbrush. And my teeth just feel icky if I don’t get to floss first thing that morning. Success 😉