Teach a man to fish.. :D

Last year we bought a flip over style compost bin. You can see it next to the pallet fence I started (it’s no longer there, don’t worry;)) As our garden grew, remember we started with 2 4 x 4 raised beds, our compost pile grew. After reading Teaming with Microbes, it grew even more. We could compost our dog in the pile we have going now 😉 We tried to contain it with another pallet idea.. gotta love Pinterest, but it was cumbersome to do anything with, besides facilitating the chickens to jump in our neighbors back yard. We cleaned up the turn style and placed a for sale ad on Craiglist. Within 2 hours a lady had emailed then called Michael to arrange the sale and pick up. You could here it in her voice. She was exactly where we were last year at this time. Once her and her husband got there, Michael offered to sale them both bed frames for $20. We had about $40 in them and had used them for 1 year. Made from cedar, they were still nearly perfect aside from a little warping from late summer sun. I gave her a little book I had pick up with some Burpee seeds called, Little Space, Big Bounty or something like that.

We had been talking about doing away with the beds anyway and these people were pumped about starting off just like we did. And it felt really good to pass on our baby shoes, so to speak. It is so refreshing to find others wanting to just generally being more in touch with doing things themselves. Wondering where their foods comes from, realizing there might be a problem with food shipped 4500 miles to be in a nearby grocery store when so much can come from your back yard. Score one for the Home Team 😉