Award Time!!

I am very excited to say I was nominated for two awards by my friends little poppits. New to both the world of sustainable living and blogging, I am honored to be thought of as in any kind of way inspiring! Up most thanks!


Please stop by her site for a quick laugh and more than a few crafty ideas. With our shared love of our children and our animals, I am definitely one of her number one fans!


Now ten things about myself.. hmm.. this could prove interesting…

  1. My eight year old daughter is my number one fan, and I hers.
  2. I believe a good laugh will cure just about anything.
  3. I long to own a few acres in the foothills of the Appalachians, completely off the grid with our animals and crops. To live a life with out greed, where I protect my family every day.
  4. I like lilies, stargazers.. As much as I think cut flowers are a waste of money, they are my favorite.
  5. I just had to slaughter my first chicken.. and I threw up. So much for sustainability 😉
  6. I’ve learned to look at the bigger picture, not sweating the petty things.
  7. I forgive, never forget.
  8. I love with my whole heart. People, plants, animals.
  9. I’m a sucker for somebody who can make me smile, always have been 😀
  10. I like this blogging thing. I have always liked to write and moving so far away, blogging at first just helped me show my family what we were doing, yet it has turned into so much more!

Now to nominate ten of my blogging pals and tell them so, of course 😉

The Flying T Ranch

The Better Man Project

The Lazy Rando Blog

Daddy Drinks

Sustainable @ Lockyer Valley

Homeschooling Jedi’s

Dirt N Kids

Canadian Hiking Photography

Let’s Keep Chickens!

Little Strawberryrose Homestead

Gosh, this doesn’t even touch on all the wonderful blogs I visit! Please everyone take a few minutes and check out what some of these awesome people are doing! Thanks again.

New Award! New Award!

Just when I start to think I’m crazy for all the radical changes I’ve been making, I get an award for it!! James and Terri Vance are world traveling romantics 😉 Their journeys and state of mind is a breath of fresh air in some of today’s world. They blew me away by nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Very honored indeed, especially when I checked out the awesome people I was nominated with. Please check out their pages and my fellow nominees!

versatileblogTHE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD* shines the spotlight on bloggers who are adept at creating and handling change – whether it’s their life or the lives of others.

Here are bloggers I feel fit the bill 😉

The Better Man Project Through powerful imagery and quotes, takes it one day at a time to be a better man. And we cheer him on for it!! 🙂

Car Free Days is a fellow commuter family. It’s always nice to read along with someone, especially if commuting is not really popular in your area. Helps ignore the strange looks !!

Little Poppits Teresa handles her house, her children, her ‘chooks’ and anything else that comes her way. I would have to say VERY versatile 🙂 Drop by and see what her and her poppits are up to!

More to come…

Okay 7 interesting things about us…

  1. I should have been born to carry a tune. I was born for rock and roll..
  2. Michael can fix anything.. IF, big if, he wants to. He’s like MacGyver in that sense, he just has to have the right motivation, mostly me shutting up about it!
  3. I love cupcakes for breakfast.
  4. Sydni and I both have hula hoops as tall as we are that we take to music festivals. We love it!
  5. I am working on preserving more of the foods I grow this year. Canning dehydrating, freezing.. You know the drill 😉
  6. Sydni is the smartest kid I know.. No really. I’m not just saying that because she is my child, you see, she really is always the top of her class with her class. Now talking out of turn is something totally different.
  7. Our dream home does not exceed 1000 square feet, more like 850 😉

2 thoughts on “Awards..

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Do keep up what you’re doing here…it’s great stuff.

    PS — Having grown up hunting, I don’t miss dispatching, cleaning, or eating animals. I especially don’t miss the factory-variety (we’re done with eggs and dairy too).

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