Well change number one is well on way..

I was just feeling out some thoughts last week or so on feeling stuck in some areas of life. I’m happy to say, I feel like I was heard some how and a wonderful job opportunity opened up. It was such an up lifting, liberating feeling. Change can be good, great even. The job is administration position at a small tractor and equipment supply and shop. Great hours Monday through Friday. Great starting pay and chance of $100 commissions if I complete an Internet sale. I want to feel as if I’ve been doing something right. Even though right now some people in my life are not making me feel the same. How much is enough? When do you say when? I’ve been making a list of not only things that stress me, but things that relieve it as well. With that, decisions will be made on what I can personally change on both lists. What can I let go of that stressing me to a point where it’s not worth it? What can I bring more of into my life to help relieve some of the stress that will never go away. But that’s just it. No matter how zen I think I can be I still have unplanned stressors in my life. I got to learn to not stress over things out of my control but when it directly affects me, it’s hard. So with that being said, it smart to have some things in place that can bring me back to a safe, calm place. I’ve been trying really hard to not let bother me. But dammit sometimes they do. I’m bothered to say the least. But by the time I’ve worked up the courage to say anything, it’s usually turned around on me to where I’m the bad guy through and through. I’ve been trying just to keep to myself more. At work and home. I changed jobs or am changing jobs mainly because of stress. I couldn’t change things that were stressing me at work. It was making me someone else. This job couldn’t been a better blessing. I’ll be getting home around the same time as Sydni. First year in the middle school and I want to be more a part of her everyday life. 

To the Future!!