So I needed some good news in my life when some actually came this time. My friend calls with talk of expanding her business to include a wellness center offering yoga. We tossed around ideas for a few minutes because honestly that’s all they are at this stage. It made me so pumped to dream of the idea teaching yoga, especially the children’s class she told me would definitely be in there if this dream becomes a reality for us. She and I both have deepened our practice and she truly seems to see all the benefits. I love having her on this journey with me and to be able to take it a step further and help her realize her dream while aspiring at one of mine. Remarkable.
I so needed this break from reality, however brief and unrealized. I’m still searching around for my muse, my inspiration and I feel as if I need to go find it. Open myself to the world. Get rid of the mundane. Who wants to be stuck in a shittown job, where you’re just another number. I wonder often. I waited thirty years for this. I need a change. This thing with Stacie got both of our wheels turning. Im looking into YTT, more local classes and groups. It really gives me a goal right now to look forward to to help me over see some of the frustrations and trials I’m being put through. Because damnit it’s going to be worth it in the end. I just know it is. There is too much love here to not know it. Too much wonder to not see. I just need to let go.
I have a mini vacation coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s my birthday 🙂 Stacie and I are going to a concert at the beach for the weekend. The both of us could use a week to be honest but we will always take what we can get. I can’t wait to feel the sun and the sand. Smell the salt. God, I love that smell. The ocean gets me. Like no other. I think it’s the moodiness 😉 I love it when’s it’s just us girls. Just us silly girls. We do what we want. Say lewd things to each other and laugh out loud. Drink way too much, swear in public and that’s a good night. Sheesh!
I can’t wait. 😳


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