Happiness, really??

It’s said trying a few simple things to change or strengthen a few behaviors for true happiness.

1. Being calmed by water watching isn’t just for dreamy Pisces. Being near, looking over a body of water can be soothing to the soul in more ways than one.

2. Be here now. We’ve all heard it. What’s it mean.. Simply, you control your mind, you control your happiness. Avoid stressing over events that you have no control over. Focus on what can be done in the present. Just slow down and take some deep breaths. What are you doing right now and why?

3. Smile, smile, smile…. Not only does it boost your mood, they tend to be contagious. Start greeting more people, good eye contact and a warm smile goes a long way. You’ll both feel good. Rumor also has it that the muscles used in smiling have actual health benefits as well.

4. Trust your vibes, energy doesn’t lie. Make sure to surround yourself with positive. We tend to feed off the energies around us. Too many negative vibes can wear you down pretty fast. Find good people, build a friendship circle. Life is so much better with a best friend or four!positive affirmations are a great way to remind yourself of all the great contributions you already make everyday. Think aloud or write down personal values. Read them. Reread.

Happiness is a journey that I think one is steady on, learning. Positive vibes are crucial. Exercise, fresh air, sunlight, laughter, friends. It is a practice.


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