Living the Dream… (so called instructions below)

Okay.. So I am on a six step deal to realize and follow my true dream. The first step is answering the question, what do I know about myself? What do I know about my dream. How can I benefit or for that matter what do I need to avoid to stay out of stressful situations! So here we go,.  I love people, especially seeing them happy, laughing. I like to bring any team I’m working with together with humor to start the day out right. I’m good at breaking tensions, finding compromise and enabling movement forward. I love a job well done. Love it. I love art and beauty, especially in the world. Perfection of a quiet forest, the serenity of early morn over roof tops in some small sacred city. I love the open road, wind in my face, foot on the gas and music in my ears. I want to see more of these, experience more of these wonderful things. Meet people, share ideas, like minded conversations. I want to meet new people like me from everywhere. I want to go everywhere. I want to show my baby girl the road, the world.. a different view. All we need is each other. We are both very artistic and fast learners as well as great teachers. We have so much to learn and give back. I appreciate a day’s work, whether it’s actually labor, learning or crafting. If there’s something to learn, I’m usually the first to sign up. I want to let go of false needs. I hang on and focus on what’s in front of me. Count them aloud. We are healthy. We yearn for true adventure. I feel there are some things left for us to feel, to see. Parts of the world hold all kinds of mysteries. I want to be there.
Okay~ what do I have to facilitate all the above. What skills could I use to be able to travel. I could do what I’ve always done. Write. Capture the moment and place someone else in my shoes with words alone. What would it take to become a travel writer? Not just blog about where I’ve been, what I’ve seen. But make them real enough, appealing enough. If I could take my readers on an honest journey, not just a noted trip with a fluffed itinerary and some bullshit descriptions. Bottom line… If I could put you in my shoes, would you follow? Not just on vacation, but in life. Through decisions on parenting on the road and off, food and environmental choices and why. Everything.
Where do I start then…? One long term goal realized right now is Vanagon life. Maybe not full time but I’m definitely ready to hit the road for the summers right now and discover ourselves in our nations splendor as we meet more people like us. It’s time to live a little. Appreciate a lot.
I have two years left in my degree at Valdosta State University. The nursing program I was majoring in WAS not for me. I felt the minor in journalism spoke to me way higher and I made it my major before I took a break. I want that degree. I’m also very interested in the study of sustainable living/agriculture. I want to be able to put in my words what I see around me to lesson my carbon footprint here. What could we stand for specifically? What could we support? We could do an interview series as part of our travel niche. People and places that are rocking whatever groove we are riding at that time! I want to meet, see, help, dream, build everything. Building homes from natural materials such as cob or straw bales. What was there approach, how has it changed their lives for better and worse. Not only do I want to dig in and learn and want to share it all. Capture it at its best in my mind and give it to the world. Show what these people have accomplished starting with a simple dream. Because it is what we are here for, not only to better our existence, but to try to do the same for our surroundings by being reflective, respectful.
I want to on the beach, on a mountaintop, the painted desert with everything I need plus the incentive that people just might actually like what I have to say on life at said present moment. Like it enough to publish an article or two supporting this dream of mine. Show my ever curious daughter that the treasures of the world are there waiting for us. That people could actually be waiting on us too. To show them what we find, where we go.
I think I’ve taken the first step.



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