DIY Ammo box wood stove (part 2), Molting Chickens in an Ice Storm and Cheddar’s First Egg

ImageSo, Michael bought black high heat paint and applied 2 layers. We have burned it as is 4 times. We still need to pick up 2 pieces of the 4 inch pipe plus elbow. We want to make sure everything is going to work before we cut a hole in the side of the shed! (Between us though, I would have love to have had it done before this recent ice storm hit ;))

Our two older hens are in the process of molting right in the middle of an ice storm. They started about a week ago. We had some super cold rain at the time, so we went out inspected their coop. We stapled some 6mm plastic in some place because the wind was fierce and we knew the ice was coming. When we built the coop, all the specs we followed didn’t include them molting in the middle of Winter!! Oh No.. Improv with the plastic! I read during molting they need to be kept between 70-80 degrees. Our house right now doesn’t stay that right now. We cooped them so they would have to stay together and roost and hopefully keep warm enough. We sealed for drafts and supplies leaves and straw for their boxes and the floor of the coop. I read wood shaving are best because they actually do better at absorbing thermal heat throughout the day..

ImageCheddar, on a lighter note, has started laying!! I didn’t think she would until next month when the days stretched out a little more, but about 4-5 days ago I heard that ‘I got an egg in my butt’ cluck. At first I thought something was attacking one of them outside. I run out and Cheddar is pacing. We had our first little brown egg from her the next day 🙂

That’s it for now!! Send my hens warm thoughts, please and everybody safe safe and warm too!


I entered a Photo Contest!! Vote on Talenthouse!

Hey y’all. I entered in a photo to a Flogging Molly photo contest on Talenthouse.

Image This is FURTHUR. A show I attended last July. I am up against some pros so I could use all the help I could get!! I can’t seem to copy the link here but it is on countingdownfromzero Facebook page

and the contest page by Talent House  Kortni Lawlor Furthur for Flogging Molly. Click the blue button Support Kortni to cast vote 🙂

A week for voting! Starting today, thanks everybody!!

Music Festivals and Sunshine..


Photo by Ian Rawn

To those who don’t know me personally.. music is the copper to my peace coin. With everyone’s Spring and Summer tour dates announced, I’m getting so pumped to see some GREAT live music this year. I have always been a part of street teams to help me with ticket prices and cool merch, but I will save money for a good show. Or hint for birthday presents 😉 (we’re going to see Donna the Buffalo next month)

So I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m pumped about attending some really good venues this year! And I feel you should enrich your lives, if you don’t already, and go see a show, dance, laugh. If ya want meet me at one and I’ll show you how!!

Check out some of my favorite homes away from home!

Spirit of Suwannee Music Park

Floyd Fest

The Orange Peel

The Variety Playhouse

Neighborhood Theatre

Rainy Day Cupcakes :)

Image So Sydni found this show on Netflix, DC Cupcakes. that she really likes. I like Cake Boss myself 🙂 So, she and I have been on a cupcake kick. We made our first batch last week, Princess vanilla cupcakes and we made up our own frosting with leftover halves.. Half a tub of chocolate frosting, half a stick of butter, half a cup powder sugar and half a stick/bar of cream cheese. We had so much fun, that we decided to make a monthly edition cupcake. Come on guys, remember we try and entertain ourselves…


I bought the Wilton 4 piece tip kit last week. The tips weren’t giving me the DC poof I was after, so back I went. I hate spending money, but this was in the name of cupcakes! I bought a sifter too btw, jus sayin’.

We found a recipe that actually is modeled after a cupcake DC has, vanilla/vanilla, that we thought would be perfect for our January cupcake. We also picked up gold and silver sugar toppings, yes I know I splurged. But! I will have those things in my new baking hobby forever.. or until I run out or break something 🙂

ImageYesterday being one of the YUCKIEST days in awhile made it even cozier in our kitchen. The batter was delicious before it even went into the pan so no worries there. Now for my first homemade buttercream. It’s only 3 things. Okay I’m NEVER buying another cake for birthdays again. Let them eat cupcake cakes!! We filled our piping bags and stared down the cooled cakes….

Mind you we, I have been watching YouTube videos for this, Sydni says she already knows. I wanted to try ALL my tips plus some I’ll prolly never get! But we went the 2A round and a 2E? and started having a time! We split them up to decorate, good thing we had two bags this time.


So far from perfect, we had a great time making these cupcakes!!


New year.. New projects.. New goals..

ImagePumped up for the new year!! Michael started a project on a mini wood stove. I’ve been pouring over seed catalogs, brushing up on crop rotation. Last year was all about growing, this year we actually are incorporating a little more method behind the madness 🙂 I want to focus more on preserving this year. My mom got us a dehydrator for Christmas! Score. And I’m picking up a canning set soon with the Ball book to start reading through it. I canned tomatoes in a class last year so we’ll see how it goes..

Image We have a shed outside that is roughly 100 square feet. With the tiny home movement in our future, we decided to turn the shed into a model tiny home for us to see what it’s like. Now mind you, we don’t plan for 100 sq. ft. but it’s going to be fun to see what we can do with our shed.

Michael scored an 50 cal ammo box to project a mini wood stove we have seen on a couple YouTube videos. We had some old pavers left over to use for the corner for both protection and to help absorb and hold some of the heat. Using a Sharpie, ruler and his dremel, he cut out a door. He went and got piping. We want to make it chimney out the side if possible instead of the roof. Right now we are burning in it outside to burn off any zinc.


More up to dates next week. Hope everybody had a great Christmas and Happy New Years!!