Would you really give someone the shirt off your back?

Image I got to go see my family in Georgia over Thanksgiving holidays and it was more than great We got there about 2 am Thursday morning and got home last night around 10:30)would have been 2 1/2 hours sooner, but then there were TRAFFIC JAMS)

So, Thanksgiving gives us the chance to to reflect for a whole month on what all we are thankful for, but the actual day.. Everyone is hanging around, getting ready to eat, visiting with friends and relatives they may or may not have seen in awhile. I love to watch people, just watch human interactions in general, so events like this provide me with a little time out where I can watch and think.

I overheard the expression,” You know her, she’ll give you the shirt right off her back.” I’ve heard the expression my whole life, but never really thought about it. Are there just he two kinds…? When it all boils down to it is that what we’re made of? Giving selflessly or keeping out of survival?

There are the people who will, with out a second thought give you the shirt off their back, with out regard for themselves or the fact they might need it later.. They’re not thinking giving may put them at odds with the elements and they may freeze or get wet or something.. They were only thinking of you at that moment, only you and the fact you needed a shirt and they had one to give, even if it came off their own back.

Then there are the people who would say no, I need my shirt. I will need the warmth and protection from the elements, that their survival, comfort, whatever is greater than yours. Maybe they justify..”That person should have been better prepared, had two shirts. If I give my shirt away I’ll freeze.” No one is saying either group is right or wrong, just that they exist. Both have their own pros and cons. Such as the person who gave away their shirt may freeze to death, but die happy because they feel their last move was to help someone else. Or the person who kept their shirt, survived the winter, but had to bury the woman who gave his child her shirt so that she may survive the winter as well.


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