Starting a backyard pumptrack today!!

Image Yeah, we’re excited. Enough with the videos.. We have a wooded area behind our neighborhood that has been looking more and more like it wants to be a pump track for me the kids. They are already loving playing in the woods, which I love, but they can’t ride their bikes. Bingo, plus I can practice to get ready for some serious shredding.. Sorry, that was definitely a joke. We went out yesterday and kind of mapped the rough estimate. There is lots of open clay patches and a small hill already.

I’ll up date you guys tomorrow with progress and pictures!!Image


6 thoughts on “Starting a backyard pumptrack today!!

    • Yeah.. I think it leans more towards what on some days 😉 But this solves so much, think about it.. the kids are outside and out from under our feet! We are enjoying family time in the woods(without spending a dime) the kids are actually excited about working, deciding where the next jump should go.. you know doing the kid things I’m scared America is losing 😦 The best part is it will always be a work in progress as they ride and change things, create new berms and cut thrus 🙂

  1. You are definitely the world’s coolest mom! When I was a kid, someone had built (in the woods behind our neighborhood) a pump track, we called “The Hills.” It is one of those memories that ties us all (as youths) together. Girls, boys, young, old alike — we all hung out with our bikes at the hills. Good times.

    • Awesome!! Thanks. They do love it. They are actually hanging out, planning, working together. We are trying to show them the basics over the next couple of weekends and turn ’em loose. Keeps them active, imaginative. They’ll have to learn to maintain it, add to it. And it keeps them out from under my feet!! Yippee Double score

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