LOVE THIS!! I wanna move to Portland.. 🙂

Organic Green Roots

Portland has all the good ideas.

An 8th generation Oregonian, Geoffrey Franklin owns and operates Walnut Studiolo, a leather accessories shop in Portland, Oregon. A small, family run artist studio that specializes in leather accessories for bikes.

One accessory in particular is gaining attention, and for good reason. The 6 Pack Bicycle Frame Cinch marries two of Portland’s many loves, pedal powered transportation and  microbreweries. (Portland is home to more than 40 breweries—more breweries than any other city in the world).

And if you love bikes but prefer vino, you’re in luck. Bottle Belts are designed to secure a nice merlot or just about anything cylindrical- or bottle-shaped to your bike’s top tube. A bottle of water will fit just as securely as cabernet.

Walnut Studiolo handcrafts a multitude of  daily items helping to replace the ‘throw and go’ mentality with ‘reduce and reuse.’

”Bicycle accessories are my core focus…

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