Michael has an interview!!

ImageHe took his cover letter and resume to GOP last week and the manager called yesterday to set up an interview for this afternoon at 3:00. We are so excited. It would be awesome for him to get this job part time. Great access to information, supplies, crazy outdoor stories, people to go biking or camping!! I’ve prayed to all who will listen and if it’s to be, it will. This could be one step closer for us, plus we could use to extra income right now.

They said they are looking for people who use the things they sale and Micheal is all over that. Due to a 10 year terrible marriage, he started biking hard core and kayak fishing. He actually bought his first kayak from this store and won 1st place in a tourney that same year. I hope they just eat him up. Plus with child support always looming, we need a job for him on paper so they can determine a proper amount.

So please wish him luck for all of us 😉 I’m going to feed the chickens


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