Pansies it is…

ImageOur friend came by this morning and looked at the flower beds we’ve been asked to do in front of our neighborhood. Some one before us had planted 5 Holly bushes under the lettering of the entrances. It looked fine now but those will be full size bushes by next summer, drowning out the whole name. Our fiend tells us to get rid of them and get 4 flats of assorted pansies. We had a great time at the nursery at Lowe’s picking out our flats.

Happy with their arrangement, we used my bulb planter thingy to make holes and popped them in. I have spread a Professional #4 mix over the existing leaves and mulch to break down. What my friend showed me today was there was too much organic matter! What? All I hear is to put it there, but he says he sees this often with heavily mulched areas over time. It does decompose, but because no new dirt is added there is practically no SOIL. What the crazy proof was the fact it had been pouring down rain and 4 inches in, dry as a bone. Nothing under all those layers was getting any water! We used our 2 watering cans and watered well. The forecast says to be rainy tomorrow as well so that should help. We spread some compost out and scratched it in. All in all it looked great!! I was so excited. Once they get established, they’ll take off with even more brilliant blooms!


7 thoughts on “Pansies it is…

  1. Pishaw! Soil IS organic matter. Yes, you CAN use too much mulch, but there is nothing you will get a better return on your investment than mulch and compost. I regularly create planting beds out of leaves, twigs, compost, grass clippings, and shrub clippings. I throw seeds in right away and let them go. Nature has not yet disappointed me with this method.

    • I agree on the organic matter, but it had gotten to the point it was repelling water, not letting it soak through. I guess I shoulda said more dirt 🙂

      • Then you can try aeration. Using a pitch fork, thrust it straight down into the soil in the trouble spots and rock back and forth slightly. Do this until your ground looks slightly pocked. Earthworms will help do this job for you at no charge.

      • We’ve been thinking of aeration! Great minds… Going handle this today. The pansies we planted are perking up really nice. We have gotten several compliments already!! Aereate this morning, it’s supposed to rain today, so that will be a perfect soak! Thanks Shannon!!

      • I love pansies, but they don’t love me. Just doesn’t get cool enough for ’em here. Glad they’re happy again!

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