We just got hired to landscape our neighborhood entrance!!!


Great news!! Our neighbor, Rick, walked down this morning to offer us the job of keeping up the landscaping in front of our neighborhood. Heck yeah! We don’t have an HOA so no dues, but no fancy smancy landscaped entrance like some(most) of the other neighborhoods on our street. We, personally, love this and is why Michael choose to buy in a no HOA development. Not only did the annual dues scare him away, but the rules of a lot of HOA are really strict. No compost, no garden, no chickens.. What’s wrong with these people?!

Anyways, over the summer, our entrance started looking a little run down and I started making trips down there to weed and water. A great friend of ours is a landscaper and gave me some plants to help it out. With my little red wagon(actually my neighbor’s son’s wagon..Thanks Beth!) I took the plants, arranged and planted them. I made weekly trips on the bike to pull weeds. All of a sudden, people started helping with the watering, saying it looked really good, thanks!!

The neighborhood does have an email system that keeps people in touch with the goings on. They decided to beef it up a little and hire a “landscaper”. Honestly, I was sad with what they did to what I had been working on, it really didn’t look that good. They planted 5 holly dwarfs on each side, mulched it well. I think there were some small flowering things for like 2 weeks.. You get the picture. So, I gathered it was handled and went back to the growing micro farm in my own backyard.

Today Rick, who kinda heads the whole email, neighborly thing, walks down. We usually speak as Michael and I walk Sydni to the bus stop. He knows how we feel about the corporate grind, about having less, living with less.. the whole spill. He knows Michael quit his job last month and things have been tighter than normal(which is super squeaky btw) This morning he walks back down and plainly says he is kinda disappointed in the job the other guy did and he was way more impressed when we did it just with the plants given to us.. Would we like to take over that role for a little extra income..?? The neighborhood keeps a fund up for such. He wants to put it out on the email list in hope more donations come in to make our entrance kick it up a notch. And to be done from within.. On top of helping us out tremendously with another small source of income.He has already text since I started writing to say he spoke with another neighbor about felling a dead tree in his yard. There’s always something if you leave yourself available to receive. If we hadn’t involved Rick in our lives, he would have never known to offer us that opportunity. I have found it’s okay to tell people what we’re trying to do. We’re not crazy to want to live a simpler life. To be fine with a smaller income and less material things. More time with my fingers in the dirt and getting paid for it!! We just gotta keep the faith..

Our community helping our community. I love it!!


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