First trip with the bike!

So, the car has been gone over a month now. We have Michael’s Fit and the 2 bikes. He has been commuting, even before he left Firestone. He would cut out in the morning with his bookbag and be gone! Now if he can ride his bike, he wants to. He used to be hard core into trail biking so he’s back in his element. He was able to find a GREAT bike at the flea market for $40. He’s gotten the rack for his grocery runs( I’m not ready for that haul on the cruiser yet) Our neighbor gave him a trailer that you would ride kids behind you, he’s put down a floor to make it a true little trailer 🙂
Back to me of course, we went in the woods first for leaf mold run on the bikes with the trailer and Rubbermaid! We get back home and decide to make my first trip to the store. Holy Cow. We were able to use our woods shortcut at first, but then we had to ride on the main road. And its not even a ‘bad’ road. I just concentrated on staying on the white line. It was weird to stop at redlights on your bike, next to someone in their Expedition blinking at you. Lights turn green and we pedaled off!! Michael’s mom gave me a sweet blue beach cruiser. I would like a mountain bike one day.. but for now I’ll just be cruising 😀


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