Our first year in gardening!!


“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.”
–  James Oppenheim

This was about a month ago and we are taking out the old and putting in the new!

We knew we wanted a small garden fall of last year, so we read and planned. Started our tomato and pepper seeds January 1st. We built raised beds and planned to Square Foot Garden, Mel’s way.. Well a friend decided that wasn’t gonna challenge us enough, so he shows up, tiller in tow. 3-4 yards of compost, 80 pounds of lime and 40 pounds of PlantTone. He left me with a hard tooth raking mumbling something about me making rows before he came back around. I must have stood there for about 15 minutes just looking because one of my neighbors poked out to ask if I was all right. Sure I replied and went back to staring. What the hell was I going to do with all that dirt? What was I going to plant??

I started just raking around, kinda lost in the moment of raking. I felt like one of those monks, it was really kind of nice. I started seeing a plan form. (Remember I had been reading garden books all winter) I started hilling rows, not really sure what I was doing. Which was fine because my friend showed back up to make sure I had gotten started, then told me I was doing it wrong. Ha (This is a usual occurrence.. shh.. he doesn’t read this) No, honestly, without him we wouldn’t have had half the ideas and motivation we had! Thanks buddy

Well we started planting lettuce, radishes, carrots. Before long we were actually harvesting them along with potatoes, beans, squash, corn, tomatoes and okra. We are pulling in peas and peppers as much as we can eat. It’s amazing! I’ve not had this much fun playing in the dirt since I was in my great-uncles garden doing the same thing. We started a permanent strawberry patch with one of the beds. We started with 5 variety and are now establishing daughter plants to fill in the bed. Not far behind it our Triple Crown blackberry rages on its fence trellis. I can’t wait to see the fruit she produces. To finish out our berry patch planting for this year we planted an Alice Blue and a Brightwell blueberry bush. They will get a good heaping of pine needles this week that should last til Spring.


So that’s to catch y’all up with our garden so far. We have been blessed with friends and family rooting us on, neighbors trying it out themselves. It is truly a great feeling. Teach a man to fish.. You know the story. As Fall rolls in so do a new set of plant along with a new set of opportunities to learn from. One crop at a time 🙂


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