Ladies and Gentlemen… We have our first egg!

ImageWhat a feeling!! We have not even started our oldest two on a laying feed of any kind. The proud owner, Althea!!

She gave us another one today. She is a Golden sex-link. Beautiful bird. She was nesting in the compost heap yesterday for long spells. The other chicks would even come check on her, chirping and peering under the cover at her. Sure enough, Michael checked after she made her graceful exit, there it was!! Light brown, small like they said they would be at first. You couldn’t slap the smiles off our faces 🙂 Donna will be up next, her eggs will be blue-green! This makes them 5 months old, it seemed only yesterday they were peeping from their cardboard box.

That means the others should be laying around the beginning of the year with adequate light. Chickens need 14-16 hours of light to produce a single egg! Laying slows down during winter months due to shorter days. If we supplement their light with an artificial bulb, probably a heat lamp during the severe temps, we can expect them to lay all winter. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, we ate the egg, boiled, on our salad last night at a friend’s house!! They put on a feast, so we celebrated with Althea’s first egg!! It was delicious.



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