So first things first, right? You’ve got to have goals and I need to establish some concrete and some flexible goals for myself and my family. I read yesterday a women took her family on a 100 day no preservatives stretch. Wow, I don’t know if we are ready for that big of a goal!!

My true long term goal is to live simply; off-the-grid and as harmonious with nature as we can. I think it is very important to try and mimic nature when designing and building. We want to build our home with our and hopefully many hands, out of earthen materials we find on and in the land. I want to teach my children to teach their children that peace, not materialism, rules the world.. We are only here for such a short time and it needs to be a common goal to leave this place a little better than we found it. I read yesterday, the average home of 2200 square feet takes roughly 13,000 boards of lumber. There are at least 5 of those American dreams sitting in my neighborhood empty from foreclosure. I feel the envelope is pushed here. We are encouraged as a country to live beyond our means. To buy the houses and cars that we can barely afford, to work ourselves into the ground, steady winding away from the true meaning of happiness.. For what? To come home at the end of the day exhausted, to a family you barely know, food you hardly have the concentration to really even taste. Then off to bed to do it again tomorrow! No Thanks!

Okay, that was a pretty windy long term spill.. Let’s see short term. I want to continue deeper into the practice of gardening organically, using companion planting and diversity in place of chemicals. I want to be able to attend more workshops to learn about any and all of my current interests. Sustainable agriculture, building with earthen and recycled materials, permaculture meetups are things that network us to like minded people as well as teach.

I want to work on our nest egg for “that piece of land”, you know the one where all our dreams come true 😉 We’ve read people doing away with their insurances and having a saving account for medical emergencies. (Michael reads the survival boards everyday) Saving money and getting out of the debt we can is our biggest goal here. We are figuring out what we really need and exactly how much income we need in order to make it without full time jobs.

We are spending less time with the t.v. on and more time together, which was my goal for earlier this year. We do more family activities without even leaving the house. Homework is more fun. I let her read to me almost every night, snuggled in her bed. We challenge ourselves to find inexpensive outings if we go out. A day at the park and nature trails with a picnic costs a lot less than taking 5 people to the movies or out to eat. We can’t do it anymore and the the thing is, we really don’t want to.

Wow.. that all sounds great and good!! So, let’s push through and stay focused. Right now we learn, save, look and wait. It will happen..


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