Meet the Flock..

Image We decided the first livestock on the farm would be the chickens. We have five chickens, all under laying age. We bought three in April and one died as a chick. I thought the other two were lonely, so we got three more about a month back. I love, love, love these birds. They are so funny and quirky. My two oldest are Althea, Golden sex-link, and Donna the Buffalo, Americauna. Althea is my right hand chicken! She walks or more runs behind me where ever I go in the yard. She really seems the brightest of the two. She has learned that when we’re looking intensely at the tomato plants that we are looking for horn worms! She evens comes over and looks for them now. Looking up and down the plant, first with the one eye, then she turns her head and scans with the other. Donna is too busy trying to harass the little chicks! Meanie!! She make the oddest sounds, you can tell when she’s really wound up!! Our last pick up included a Barred Rock, Pepper, and the twins, two Rhode Island Reds, Cheddar and Spark. We have a bad feeling Spark may not be a hen at all :c It has a lot of subtle differences from his sister with tail feather, vent, coloring and let’s not forget his comb is growing daily! So even if he goes, we will have four laying hens of different kinds. Our coop will really max out at 4 birds, so we’ll let Nature be Nature and see what happens!


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